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Summer Eleven is a movie chosen by the HeartLand Film Festival. Four inseparable 11-year-old girls share the last summer before middle school in this charming coming of age story. Vanessa (Alice Ziolkoski) is a bad actress up for her first feature film. Jess (Sarah Butterworth) copes with her parent's seperation. Peri (Sydney Fox), the new girl, hides a desperate secret that she is homeless. And Lizzie (Meagan Hughes) tries to help her brother adjust to life at home after he returns from the war in a wheelchair. But as the summer unfolds,each girl finds the strength to face each challenge, knowing that best friends are always there for matter what.

Summer eleven is about 4 11-year old girls who learn life lessons and a lot about friendship.Vanessa wants to become an actress and gets a rival who she never meets. Perri who is hiding that she's homeless and trying to fit in and soon lives in a guest house who belongs to Vanessa's mom and soon learns that appearances don't matter.Jess who is having a hard time with her parents seperation and that her mom is dating Dave,who she hates and he soon leaves due to Jesses ignorance toward his relationship with her mom.And finally Lizzie who's brother goes in the army,no one exepts him to arrive in a wheelchair and in a horrible mood which doesn't seem to ware off until Jess who asks if he want to play what's your favorite day.After summer ends, three popular girls come to Vanessa saying why isn't she in the movie and bully her when Lizzie stands up to them and surprises everyone.

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