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Summer Eleven is a movie chosen by the HeartLand Film Festival



Four inseparable 11-year-old girls share the last summer before middle school in this charming coming of age story.

Vanessa is an actress up for her first feature film.
Jess copes with her parent's seperation.
Peri, the new girl, hides a desperate secret that she is homeless.
And Lizzie tries to help her brother adjust to life at home after he returns from the war in a wheelchair.

But as the summer unfolds,each girl finds the strength to face each challenge, knowing that best friends are always there for matter what.

Summer eleven is about 4 11-year old girls who learn life lessons and a lot about friendship.Vanessa wants to become an actress and auditions for a feature film, but gets a rival who is just as good an actress she is. Perri who is hiding that she's homeless and trying to fit in, will do anything to live a decent life, even take a shower at Vanessa's house without permission! Jess is having a hard time with her parents seperation and her mom is dating Dave,who she hates.

Lizzie's brother goes in the army, who gets disabled due to an unknown cause. Her brother falls into depression. After summer ends, all girls have got solutions to there problems. Vanessa didn't get the role, but she says that's fine with her because if she did get the role, she would have to leave her friends. Perri is taken in by Vanessa's family, now living in her guest house. Her mother also gets a good paying job. Jess's mom and Dave break up due to Dave's unexpected ignorance to Jess. Lizzie's brother has gotten over some of his depression, and starts therapy for the rest. In the last scene, a small clique of girls confront Vanessa and mock her for not getting the role. Lizzie unexpectedly defends her, which surprises all the other girls since she is usually the shy one. They all share a couple of laughs then,they then happily and confidently go to there new school.


Summer eleven

Main Cast
  • Alice Ziolkoski......Vanessa
  • Meaghan Hughes......Lizzie
  • Sarah Butterwoth......Jess
  • Sydney Fox......Peri